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Looking for a video script? that can leverage the power from millions of YouTube videos and videos from Dailymotion and Vimeo!

You have found it!

CLICK HERE FOR PRICING Can you imagine a video website containing tens of thousands of subject specific videos that have your own adverts embedded in them? A video website driving thousands of fresh targeted customers to your websites - well it's here and can be setup in under 10 minutes and it's not just for music and films, YouTube has a vast reserves of video content ideal for marketing virtually all product types. Want to see some examples?

Auto Car Reviews dimplex fires
Auto Car Reviews Dimplex Fires

Introducing PHP Melody v2.7

PHP Melody is a self-hosted Video CMS which evolved over the last 8 years. SEO optimization, unbeaten security and speed are advantages you no longer have to compromise on. A truly great CMS should help you save time and make your life easier not complicate it. Nobody enjoys spending time and money on inferior solutions. If you value your time, don't settle for anything but the best video CMS with a proven track record, constant support and updates. Whether you're creating a personal or business video site, PHP Melody gets the job done. This is a no fuss CMS, fit for 2016.

  • Works on any hosting account.

  • No nonsense features that you'll never use.

  • Optimized for speed, ease of use and customization.

  • Constant updates to keep your site ahead of your competition.

  • Reassuringly solid customer support (8 years and going).

  • Simple pricingbuy and own for life, no monthly fees.

Getting started takes minutes. Anyone can do it →

Publish Any Videos

Upload, import, stream or embed. Freedom to work with any videos.

Import videos from YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo

It takes just 3 clicks to add videos from, or That's true. Using the official APIs, you can search, organize and retrieve any video you want; in bulk or one by one. Whether you’re creating a niche video site or a personal video gallery, when it comes to importing videos, there is no substitute. Highlights of video importing:

  • Search by keywords, username or playlists.

  • Selective data importing (title, description, tags.).

  • Inline editing the results before importing.

  • Super-fast bulk importing takes seconds, not hours.

You can upload your own videos too →

Publish Articles & Create Pages

Uncompromising CMS with all the tools you need for online publishing.

Publish freely

We examined the leading blogging platforms and distilled their best features into our Article Module. You'll find the easy to use Article Module is an excellent way to publish your content right from the PHP Melody dashboard. Keep a blog, publish articles and create custom new pages by enabling the built-in Article Module. There is no learning curve and no extra software to install. Highlights from the article module:

  • Published articles look exactly like in your editor.

  • Upload media files in articles, pages, etc.

  • Schedule the posting date & time for each article.

  • Save drafts when you're not ready to publish.

  • Search Engine Optimized article pages out of the box.

Create Pages without any code modifications →

Social Module

Move your site beyond comments and into 2016/17.

Create a top video site by empowering your users

Having a good SEO is simply not enough these days. The only way to create a sustainable video site is by giving your users the tools to make your site great. Offer your users the choice to express and interact with your site because, if not, they might find someone else who does. We truly believe that a social component is indispensable for any CMS. That's why the Social Module is included in every PHP Melody license. You can disable this module but it may well be your “secret weapon” for 2016. Your success starts with your users

Top 10 reasons why 7,800 people use PHP Melody

  • SEO Friendly. Meets your SEO requirements out of the box.

  • Translated in 24 languages. Easy to add new ones.

  • Super-strength security. Zero sites hacked in 8 years.

  • Continuous updates & improvements. 30 major updates so far.

  • Reassuringly solid customer support; 8 years of track record.

  • Works on any hosting account.

  • Optimized to scale as you grow.

  • No monthly fees - Buy and own for life.

  • 100% open code - Customize as your wish.

  • Unbeatable value - Efficient pricing.

    • Instant Download - Your license is instantly delivered so you can get started right away.

    • Swift Installation - The installation is well documented and simple to follow 2-step process.

    • Publish your 1st video - You're now ready to publish, manage and monetize your videos.

Server Requirements

With PHP Melody you can create a video site without any costly investments in servers or VPS instances. PHP Melody is efficiently designed without any bloated code or needless MySQL queries. This means you can run and scale your video site flawlessly on any hosting platform which meets these basic requirements.


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